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Professional program tool chooses to want " careful "
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In recent years, professional career plans this one concept gradually " fire " rise, not only high school is unripe, undergraduate, the person that works ten years even also begins to consider to undertake rational professional career program and design to oneself, appeal to seek advice from the company, tool that uses a few major to assist at a few professions undertake professional career is designed. But they face two problems: Above all, administrative levels of domestic profession advisory staff is differ, a lot of people do not have psychological relevant knowledge at all, evaluation tool of application is multifarious also, for example some companies apply cartel 16PF even, questionnaire of California kid disposition, even intelligence quotient, start work the evaluation tool such as ability is auxiliary undertake the profession plans. Next, advisory division charge compares the profession that invites major tall, exceeded the range that a lot of undergraduates can follow. A lot of people, especially undergraduate, must consider oneself to undertake professional career plans, but need have the aid of more so a few psychology measure a tool to undertake be analysinged deep to oneself.

Below this kind of circumstance, how should choose relevant tool to assist his to undertake professional career is designed?

Actually, different psychology measures a tool to have different applied objective, for example: Questionnaire of disposition of kid of cartel 16PF, California is of character individual character measure, lucky article inference is exam of logistic inference ability. The psychology that be developed for professional career truly and weaves is measured very little, at present of abroad become famous to have 3 kinds only theoretically:

. The professional interest of Holland is academic -- emphasize interest and occupational matching

. The character of Myers-Brigs is academic -- the be identical that emphasizes profession and nature

. The professional anchor of EdgarSchein is academic -- emphasize viewpoint of value, ability and interest, even the confluence of individual character

One, professional interest (call a profession the tendency again) exam

Huo Lande is the United States' distinguished profession career directive expert. He emphasizes: The profession of the person of same kind and same kind is united in wedlock each other, ability is achieved get used to condition. And " person " in lifetime, the choice that facing a lot of occupational choices, working choice, position, choice of specific even project, whether can these choices match with its type photograph, nature also is the main factor that affects its to succeed.

For example the tendency and " person " work together and fun is obtained in the association that in this respect the person that has skill quite can depend on other, and like human truck medium leader, persuade, teach or seek advice wait for general affairs; Right " data " the person tendency that kingdom is interested quite and has certain ability and the number that come out through term and symbolic expression and abstract concept contact with; The individual that likes economic machine, tool, instrument is belonged to like " thing " person, they like to solve a problem in real physical environment. Like ideal person to be able to be engaged in abstraction, the job that uses an imagination.
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