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The 6 big important level that the lifetime duty limit of recognize person devel
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Assist plan manpower resource to evaluate central investigation to show according to elite of business of Chinese of academy of American competition ability: Business operator values administrative strategy and guiding principle, be apt to uses each minutes of capital in order to create the greatest benefit, each person answers follow this concept, him lieutenant general of journey of on-the-job limit development counts a company individual, the different level deposit that uses growing course " duty limit capital " , as soon as possible invests him, ability shines brilliantly on on-the-job limit arena. I grow with the plant level serves as an analogy, according to the age of correspondence of every phase place, the core central point that duty limit runs and the disposition that should take seriously are idiosyncratic also differ somewhat. lifetime duty margin of the person development assigns into the following 6 large stage: (1) breed period (25 ~ 30 years old)As plant plant initiative, from sow, dig arrives irrigate, await a seed to come forward from the change below earth, everything needs attentive breathe out a passport to consider. New person just stepped the society before 5 years of duty field, I inspect for " breed period " , working head is heavy " learn " , nurturance is basic skill, at the same time act of be apt to, let oneself become denounce happy affiliated to a ministry. Nevertheless, the society is new person often forgot the importance of this phase, put no less than figure, attitude not quite courteous, encounter small setback or be in charge of slightly strict requirement, either abandoning instantly is reaching the sky of complain of suffering. I think, the youth should hold years of this paragraph of gold, stay Ma Buxue time well, do obeisance to Shi Xueyi to director, elder or Tong Chai. Still have, how ego is adjusted, have " soft " , " obedient " and the person sees what the person loves denounce happy disposition, it is very important Softskill. Yi Teng of diagnostic Great Master of basis Japan talent is friendly 12 nature with 8 man divisive place are idiosyncratic, "Breed period " duty field is new the person wants be apt to to add him harden oneself " action sex " , cut every job of executive director pay truly, from which category of business of ripe harvesting individual and content; Coming again is hold to after all " durative " , I had looked too much quit for lack of endurance, satisfy and on-the-job field shows the youth that jump everywhere, the road of the duty limit of in the future is met only more hardships, more obstruct v/arc find it difficult to do sth goes; Mood stability maintains when the job, do not be fond of look angry easily, education is high " EQ " also be basic training of full of sap youth duty field; Finally is " plasticity " , let oneself turn master of the person that hold a range into the dough in the hand, form of OK and aleatoric model, clear oneself, very modest, learn absorbedly.
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