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The result of duty field program of person of 30 years old of professions
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30 years old, this is a doorsill of a lot of person profession career. They had done not have the new move of working initial stage, was full of to duty field angst and listless, must face another problem however: Will how to be ensured?

30 years old, right " company culture " or be " the enterprise wishs scene " of and so on colorful say decline already coma. Look in them, the enterprise is not the home of employee, enterprise and staff in the final analysis are a kind of trading relation -- the company pays salary, employee offers able-bodied person or be intellective.

Their listless and perplexed, not only because they are business people, because they are returned,be social person more. Regard an enterprise as the person, they work according to the standard of position, get corresponding pay thereby. But regard a society as the person, these pay can not ensure their future, employee is in an enterprise hold a post end, also mean trading end, the enterprise was in charge of to the future of this employee no longer. But the future that employee needs to be his however is responsible, search new working opportunity to perhaps do poineering work opportunity.

In safeguard the system is short of the society that break in, handler of a profession is impossible to do not generate angst and listless sentiment. In a lot of enterprises of market economy initial stage, buy an insurance to be hated to part with for employee repeatedly even, how to talk to go up to be designed for the future of employee?

Of duty field listless, because these people see future of not clear occupational really,be. To most person, the effort now just is being paid for the company, at best is " exercised oneself " , but if cannot become trade center,this kind takes exercise, also be finite to prospective benefit in fact.

The choice does poineering work, look in a lot of profession people, also be to cast off a kind of way of this kind of angst and hesitation.

They choose to do poineering work, it is to master oneself destiny, also be to obtain safeguard. Chinese the eastpart part develops the area is an area with poineering very high number, this matters more with the opportunity admittedly, but on deep administrative levels, those who be afraid they need more is to want to make a stand for his future through doing poineering work.

The life aim of most person is to live weller -- the thirsty sum that includes pair of fortune, social class " realize ego " . Very regrettablly, most job satisfies these life aims very hard, the job can obtain well-off at most or " in produce " , "Implementation ego " fewer. Most profession person passed many years old 40 to be met downhill, what can rise continuously on the profession is minority only.

On broad sense for, no matter be to do poineering work to still do professional husband, it is " the business " . Because this a lot of people are met according to " the business " cost, risk and gains will think integratedly.

Professional handler chooses to do poineering work, among them a main reason is, be in the China that shows level, poineering chance is very much, and poineering risk may not is taller than working risk how many, and its accrual a lot of taller.
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