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Test: Check of your final examination of duty field disposition
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Problem: If one day you got lost in hill, far the thing that seems to see light is close to to you, do you hope what it can be? Through this the test can see you are mixed now colleague (or following) relation how, fast hasten auspicious avoids fierce!

A truck

B jeep

C autocycle

The car with average D

Your test is as a result:

A truck. Big good with, it is the standard that you servantchoose a person for a job, basically you won't too go emphasizing the other side having head (do not have actually so exaggerative) , it is you can hope he is whats are willing to do only, and the person that won't have intention again (too clever can play trick, it is you most scruple! ) , as to hard work, still come by you bother of work with one's mind or brains!

B jeep. You are work to see gain only, do not see the person of favor, although also be hit possibly also with the colleague usually,fight noisely be troubled by, but once buy official business, fair it is fair, illicit namely illicit, do not have promiscuous truth absolutely, work in the same place so or be subjacent person, must have done oneself thing, as to involve a concern, still was avoided completely!

C autocycle. Actually the job was not necessary to be done so tensely, everybody cannot resemble a family same, does altruistic each other help? This is your idea, be in so at ordinary times, you very care about everybody the interactive relation in the job, next doing not have the thing meets a flock of people run to play, want authority only friendship is enough, speak of what thing to come very convenient, be?

The car with average D. You still prefer pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others on the job (not be to say you should not group! ) , the manner that is you only won't deflection weighs fair or heavy illicit, everything can be jumping-off place with his footing only, so you do not emphasize honour low certainly on the job or be to abandon this kind of idea completely, contrary, you can choose to suit what to use at that time, use that to cover a statement with respect to the choice!