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Test: You suit to be in business most do poineering work
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Having honeymoon is postnuptial the first large award, two people still get drunk in the newly-married atmosphere in sweetness, you can hope to be in go vacationing what kind ofly in flatlet, where is the night of the newly-married that enjoys you?  

1, the cabin with superexcellent eye shot

2, the lover flatlet of bed having water

3, can the sightseeing restaurant that a person of extraordinary powers bets

4, luxurious presidential flatlet

The answer:

1, manage in bazaar on, you need to a companion and you talk about the business together, such effect is best, negotiate for instance, business contract can sign immediately, you are in charge of wear the white makeup of the stage villain, another is in charge of playing the part of black face, build so sing, can produce complementary effect. The look with your one face simple goodness, nobody can doubt your sincerity, still can feel embarrassed even can bully you, which know " pure " a below appearance dangerous heart, let a person not fortify, and you however from which the goal that the again and again achieved him. Actually, you are to play the part of a pig to eat a tiger, imperceptible in let you take advantage. The family thinks your volubility, guard against to you very little, feel OK to gain a bit advantage from your body, do not know your wishful thinking however, be hit so that return choice than the other side!

2, your mood is too good, easy and credulous others, the stand that likes to stand in the other side is others consider, identify humanness sex this be apt to, family a few go about telling people how hard up one is give your heart cry soft, can let oneself suffer a loss only finally, do not eat a few times to have a deficit you are won't of arousal, the each trying to cheat the other that does not know the existence between the world is far than you the imagination must want much, treat sth lightly the evening of regret. You do not have ground of legal principle sex consider sth as it stands, belong to impressible model, be rung easily by other shadow, without definite idea, if often be controlled by the train of thought of others, do meddlesome favour impossibly forever, reason cannot sturdy oneself footing, it is your very big weak point, if often make same a fault, have an advantage hard in competition, be afraid whole company wants person be lettinged by your submissively finally. The part of philanthropist may suit you to act more.

3, you have adventure to make difficult mind, be brave in to throw the market of new development, it is the large part of bazaar, have intentional according to plan to newly emerging things, you have very strong before look up sex, the direction that can predict according to you toward past affection develops, your wisdom and ruse classics regular meeting are travelled together an appreciate. With great quantity, big program is your characteristic, in monetary game, the risk is very big, a bit not advertent, all abandon with respect to may full result, but you can have bravery knowledge, carry a bone in the mouth, encounter a thing to always can find the most perfect method to solve it, trade the biggest get one's own back with least investment, can have good results so. If unfortunate estimation is wrong, you also are defeated to rise, be willing to assume all responsibility, dare do dare become, decisive and decision-making it is one of your biggest characteristics.
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