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The 18 conditions that cannot ignore in feminine lifetime
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Feminine lifetime, can have countless paragraphs or wonderful or insipid, or harden oneself or relaxed, or beautiful and complacent or helter-skelter frustrated experience, but, must not ignore these 18 keys to nod please --

One, 18 years old come 28 years old
1, read more, think more. Its advantage can chase fadein to show later to you are 25 years old. Intellectual ability changes a destiny, and the life that husband can change you only, you can be intellectual host, but the spouse that you are husband only.
2, strive for take an examination of university of minor of an at least, top-ranking of course and best. Tan Lian is not missed to love when reading an university, it is OK to should not miss everything more self-expression and the opportunity that take exercise.
3, dress up oneself beautifully everyday a bit more lovely, love devotedly, most woman needs the love that remember to the end of one's life, can appear as early as possible so affection immunity, also can be the space with rational more of day put apart.
4, if you do not plan " Ding Ke " , if the condition allows again, taking the advantage of parents to still can become pluralistic nurse, make the best of time to give birth to a Baby, this kind of woman that values life of normal automation line to as a result will tell is necessary.
2, 28 years old come 38 years old
5, did not forget to manage to find time read read and newspaper, the amount of fashionable magazine had better not exceed 40 % , because you are not a girl any more, although you are very loath, but you still can buy toy of wool cloth with soft nap.
6, can not miss marriage, still do not want to miss. Of course once miss, must not put up with, the harm that person looking for a fault brings to you and him may be even greater than marrying. Marrying is not a very alarming thing, if be for parental marriage, that tries to love your husband, slow ox although do not have passion, won't rise madly to drop madly at least, lest your body and mind is gaunt, whacked.
7, should have a few beauties and La Yan's bosom friend, female bosom friend can let you understand and loosen his, la Yan's bosom friend conduces to you understanding man and this society. If you cannot be controlled,oneself must be mixed intimate go to bed, you had Na Gongxi lover, enjoy ego while the smelly egg that does not complain conservative public figure is thrown please. Actually, the right of go to bed decides finally at the woman, do not be ability somewhat somewhat, unprincipled softhearted or tease a meeting to let you become abandon Fu or Mu Zimei.
8, the society follows married man happy and not the communication of aberrance, want to learn rejection skill, if he leaves, do not go chasing after. Becoming them is a beautiful scenery, but do not need you to stay absolutely do gardener, because over there gardener already very much. Married man is beautiful arboretum, when wanting to breathe fresh air, it is OK to ramble, if send you entrance ticket by chance, that says sound thanks god.
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