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Adjust a profession in time fixed position is crucial
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Successful professional career needs to adjust a profession to locate ceaselessly, and the understanding that fixed position is based on a reasonable profession to have a clarity to oneself, accurate judgement and reasonable assurance. Which kinds of person do you belong? Does interest of your disposition feature, interest suit to which kind of profession make? Be what makes you on-the-job the be thwarted in field? Be what makes your professional fixed position produced deviation? Stress is only real, reasonable and accurate him assessment, try to adjust ceaselessly, ability is reasonable direction of fixed position profession, ability everyday forward this direction advances hard.

Case: Jin Mou, some university 05 microelectronics major graduates, ever thought up a country to study abroad, because interview of German spoken language is unqualified, with study abroad to brush a shoulder and pass. Then he begins look about work, ever also went up in the net deliver much portion resume, it is the post that applies for and so on of electronic technology engineer mostly, but because lack working experience, have the opportunity of interview rarely. Company of a sale gave him interview chance, but because of professional and incorrect mouth, do not have sale work experience again, the result ends in failure again. He took the company job that a friend leaves later, basically undertake simple computer operation. But did a few months, he feels if things go on like this, comparative to oneself professional development not only adverse, and place of 4 years learns all one's efforts wasted.

Look at the appearance that Jin Mou is at a loss, psychological hesitation and perplexed the direction that makes he lost to apply for a job, then, duty interpose political instructor tries patiently to guide and be taught. Pass vocational guidance a few times, recommend him successfully to enter professional learn on job to some electron company. Pass the field trip of a month, he understood the culture of the enterprise and setting not only, still acquired the knowledge that does not have on book and skill, mood also be suddenly enlightened.

Can see from inside this case, professional fixed position, it is the thing of person of on-the-job already field not just, the undergraduate's profession locates the professional fixed position that compares person of on-the-job already field wants to come more importantly. What develop in the profession is earlier, should give self-ordained a sound professional program and corresponding professional fixed position, try to adjust ceaselessly.

Because Quan Mou is lost study abroad opportunity, the mood is depressed, apply for blindly so. Because lack the reasonable location of pair of him profession career, be immersed in the error that applies for a job blindly thereby, be eager to wanting to find the job the more, cannot find the more however. Gave him obtain employment chance when the friend, he resembles was to grab the straw that help, no matter whether suit oneself, first obtain employment besides. But had turned round to come, lost oneself professional dominant position however. Come down calmly when Quan Mou, the individual character that discovers oneself and profession develop not when conform to, adjust direction in time, found intellectual skill aptitude and market demand agree with a dot, can reduce choose employment level, apply for operate kind of station relevantly with electronic technology. Believe him what have 4 years of professional knowledge, can combine theory and practice goodly certainly, ask to accumulate corresponding knowledge, skill and working experience according to position ceaselessly at the same time, perfect integrated quality of the individual, the profession that elevates an individual thereby contains Troy. The process that promotes the individual's profession to contain Troy is the process that individual career moves toward a success stage by stage. Such, can walk out of unemployed shadow quickly not only, and the right path that was on professional development, it is the implementation ready-made of next target thereby.
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