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Duty field new personality, how to undertake the profession plans
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Duty field hard to avoid is entered first bustling, confused, serve as new personality you, whether be to do not seek target of take office industry bewilderment? Warm blood of have one's bosom filled with often struggles however without the door, you whether heart be suspicious asks: Is duty field life this appearance really?

Plan one: Course of study of one's own profession of base oneself upon, seek develops higher

 The first pace: Short-term goal? ? Slow and steady, base oneself upon has post to seek progress.

Need to make the best of time, sufficient on existing post study, comprehensive master relevant and professional skill. After this, change working environment. Can plan to leave the family is at present little the company of mill type, be in large and medium-sized enterprise seek is primary post. What need reminds is, those who turn to big company hold a post earlier, pay cannot get bigger promotion probably, but the culture atmosphere that wants a company only is advantageous to the development of oneself profession skill, also achieved changeover profession environment, the purpose that farther seek develops.

  The 2nd pace: Metaphase target? ? The expert is become inside 3 years

Metaphase target is to become relevant occupational expert. Can apply English adroitly; Book of reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects of extensive dabble psychology, management, widen knowledge and skill, enter administrative layer target to prepare to come true next.

   Plan 2: Accumulate knowledge, fortune and social experience, search an opportunity to do poineering work

In some industry, you should have enough interest, intended the desire that oneself invest practice, professional program division offerred program from this 2, gave out to invest gymnastical industry to become namely " young shopkeeper " need " 3 paces go " action program.

   The first pace: Achieve short-term goal? ? Apply for assume relevant post at a bigger company

The pay when holding the post of first may be a bit lower, need not mind too too, beg only stand firm in the company, strive for the relevant government technological process that is familiar with a company in the overall inside year.

   The 2nd pace: Accumulate relevant experience, gather trade information

In do well below the premise of routine, the attention gathers gymnastical trade information, master a company to run detail. To achieve this one goal, off hours still can hold two or more posts concurrently to teach refine when fitness, for in the future management company found.

   The 3rd pace: In implementation long-term goal? ? The experience that finish accumulates him to become a boss

Knot tired knowledge, experience and fortune, do an observant and conscientious person everywhere. After finishing afore-mentioned two paces to plan, him practice becomes a boss, enter new development channel.
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