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Tai Kang Life Start program personnel reserve held 13 job fairs in North
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December 13, Taikang Life Centennial Lecture Theatre at the university teach-campus recruitment, according to chairman Chen Dongsheng said that starting this year, Tai Kang Life Insurance will continue to recruit in the country each year about 1,000 outstanding college graduates, the development of the next decade for the Taikang Life reserves and nurture talent. It is understood that the year 2011, Tai Kang Life Corporation covered campus recruitment, branch, Taikang asset management companies, pension companies and Tai Tai estate business involving insurance, investment, IT, marketing, sales, nearly 100 jobs, posts from the total distribution companies, subsidiaries, local branches across the country, the total demand will be more than 1,000 people, it is also known as "thousands of projects."