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Green people need good professional culture
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"Many universities and community training courses, just to guide the students to learn Photoshop, CAD and other landscaping design software that can be engaged in related software applications known landscape work, this idea is completely wrong." November 30, held at Zhejiang Forestry University, personnel training seminar landscape, experts from the industry landscape personnel training for the status of the discussion. By the urbanization and the impact of low-carbon development concept, and now the rapid development of urban landscaping industry demand for talent is relatively large, professional landscaping increasingly optimistic about the employment prospects of graduates. Therefore, the present, many universities have added a garden class professional, there are many community garden design courses. However, many professional learning plan has just ignored the cultural background of professional training. It is understood that, with the continuous economic and social development, China attaches great importance to the landscape of education. However, the training of personnel in the current landscape, and many students lack of interest in the theoretical study of traditional gardening, landscaping plants led to the current design did not inherit many of the traditional, more difficult to achieve in the overall level of increase. At the same time, many students are in paid special attention to relevant design software seems to master these skills well enough to cope with work challenges. In fact, there is no good botanical knowledge and cultural enrichment, will result in project design is not only not considered a reasonable mix of plants, but also the lack of taste style. In this way, content to enhance the project, of course, not easy. Zhejiang Forestry University, School of Landscape Architecture Professor Lin Xiazhen that many universities are now opening the domestic landscape professional, there is only Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Forestry University, 11 colleges and vocational colleges set up more than 10 specialty gardens and related Zhejiang Garden and related specialty students up to 5275. "Education in the garden, there are still many problems in the development, training of personnel to enhance gardens, responsive to community needs should be further set of professional direction, in particular, to strengthen the specialty of garden plants knowledge, temperament and other aspects of culture, training and culture, in the garden continuation of education in human cultural essence of traditional garden. "Linxia Zhen said. Many from the landscaping design, construction, experts also believe that the old line, urban landscaping plant design, construction and other work not the same, its unique cultural qualities of mood is not only a show of personality is the expression of the designer. Therefore, the green plant landscaping to enhance the fundamental problem is that realm of traditional cultural attainment and enhancement of personal spiritual realm, only to learn the relevant application software can not solve the fundamental problem, the garden kind of education should focus on the students during the cultural character and quality improvement. Experts believe that the training class garden, very need to focus on the cultivation of temperament, such as increased foreign landscape history, floral art, bonsai art, garden art and so on. Incorporation of these more subjective conscious learning is not simply to learn garden design software can be compared, because the traditional culture of the broad and deep, we must learn to appreciate the depth, and the real landscape art have to use culture to support.