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The city recently held job fairs in winter
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To give full play to the talent market in the allocation of human resources in the main channel, to promote the rational flow of all kinds of talents and full employment of college graduates to meet employer demand for talent, to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources to better serve our city economic and social development, Rizhao City, the General Assembly, the 2010 Winter Recruitment 12 月 18 日 scheduled (Saturday) at City held the talent market. The recruitment of both the General Assembly, including trade, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical, computer, machinery manufacturing, fish processing and art design, practical skills class, also involved in real estate, accommodation, catering, marketing, accounting and other categories. Various types of enterprises and institutions outside the province, and colleges should be college graduates and all kinds of previous mobile professionals can be invited to attend. Employers can be held copy of business license (stamped with official seal) to the talent market, Rizhao, registration, payment procedures, the member with the "talent market membership card" participants. Various types of job seekers free participants. Participants ways: First, the employer must first login to download hot sunshine talent "Recruiting Information Registration Form", fill in recruiting content, sent to rzrc8778515@126.com, before the General Assembly can be published in the newspapers for free. Then, holding the relevant documents to the City for the talent market participants Window 10 procedures (registration, please be sure to register in advance), do not accept telephone registration.