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Zhejiang Nuo and Electromechanical limited company
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Company name: Zhejiang Nuo and place of of Electromechanical limited company belong to an industry: Machinery is made reach equipment Company property: Private enterprise is in area: Zhejiang province Establish date: Registered fund in June 2004: Discuss Legal entity: Dimensions of Mr Zhang company: 150 people Company brief introduction Zhejiang Nuo and Zhejiang of department of Electromechanical limited company save company of new and high technology of city of company of new and high technology, gold China, it is research and development of a market, make, major of the mechanical and electrical products that the sale is an organic whole, capstan and product of its form a complete set produces a business, deserve to have center of research and development, sale center, plastic center of a production center, manufacturing form a complete set. <BR> Company quality manages a system to pass ISO9001: 2000 attestation and TS16949 attestation, environmental management passes 14001 attestation, the product passes CE attestation. <BR> Capstan and product of product of fair driver report, its form a complete set basically apply at recreation, commerce and project save oneself, each other is saved work with drawing, can replace product of tractive of machinery of human body etc according to specific use research and development, carry on the research and development of the product that be not mark and make. Basically have the dynamoelectric capstan, machine that pull thick rope, capstan (basically be dynamoelectric capstan, hydraulic pressure capstan and gasoline engine capstan) , the machine that build canopy, move car implement wait for series product, have more than 100 type, among them majority product exit reachs North America, Europe and other places, get the welcome of domestic and international client. <BR> Company own research and development the equipment such as testboard of capstan of dynamoelectric hydraulic pressure is opposite testboard of CSA electric traction equipment, intelligence the product has system testing and development, product line of existing and professional product 6. Company and collaboration of university of domestic famous brand built center of research and development of mechanical and electrical products, have actual strength of abundant research and development, main product owns own intellectual property, existing patent application 30, level of technology of research and development is close to international to precede. <BR> The company has stuff 180 more than person, among them above of record of formal schooling of big, technical secondary school or have number of qualification of professional skill title, professional technology to occupy 50% . <BR> The company is lying to develop level quickly, be badly in need of a man of insight and have can the person joins in! <BR> </P><P> stands originally information period of efficacy is our company invite applications for a job to came on October 18, 2008 on November 20.
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