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Postal service hall of Jin Hua of limited company of Hangzhou star flexible scie
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Company name: What postal service hall of Jin Hua of limited company of Hangzhou star flexible science and technology belongs to an industry: Computer industry Company property: The joint stock company is in area: Zhejiang province Establish date: Register fund: Discuss Legal entity: Company dimensions: 200 people Company brief introduction Limited company of Hangzhou star flexible science and technology (soft ” of abbreviation “ star) , be located at beautiful Hangzhou the software park of the eastpart part of —— of division of new and high technology of Xi Zihu bank, it is company of a new and high technology. The star is at present soft already established many 20 branch and wholy-owned subsidiary in countrywide each district, and in the whole nation 100 many cities established GPS cent controls a center, own agent of many 200 product and operation business. <BR> Service of carriage news of operation of the research and development that the company establishs beginning to locate with GPS satellite system, car holds system of traffic of terminal, intelligence oneself, production, sale, network, traffic and mobile appreciation business give priority to business Wu. Except provide basic GPS professional work beyond, still supply equipment of kinescope of long-range video monitoring, communication, how to prevent family of equipment, number, ERP, GIS, 3G, multimedia to wait for a variety of appreciation business, have long sight of ” of network of car of peak of sword of ” of center of operation of “ China GPS, “ , “ to connect the well-known trademark such as soft ” of star of ” , “STARSOFT. </P><P> Other and relevant position Monitoring of customer service of staff of department of engineering of the member that business affairs assistant sells person of department of assistant clerk engineering. . . . . . The company contacts means Communication address: Street of north of double dragon of golden China city 461 zip code: 321000   contact: Miss Sun connects a telephone call: Position of 0579-82344006   contact: Human affairs ministry faxes a phone: Mailbox of 0579-82344006   electron: Full name of manager of Sunbb@xingruan.com   human affairs: Manager of young lady human affairs connects a telephone call: Firm network address: Http://www.gps163.com
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