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Suzhou emperor branch of Jin Hua of abstruse elevator limited company
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Company name: What branch of Jin Hua of abstruse elevator limited company belongs to Suzhou emperor industry: Choose in the following list please choose Company property: Place area: Zhejiang province Establish date: Register fund: Discuss Legal entity: Company dimensions: Person Company brief introduction Abstruse elevator limited company invests Suzhou emperor capital 260 million yuan of RMBs, plant area construction uses the land 90000 square metre, among them construction of modern factory building uses the land 55000 square metre. Build the elevator experiment tower that has many meters 80 tall at the same time, introduced digit of much work of machine of numerical control laser, entrance to accuse punching machine, number of feed inlet to accuse central treatment, entrance to fold the international such as line of curved machine, large dusting banner equipment. Suzhou emperor abstruse elevator limited company is volume product development, design, production, sale, dimension keeps the elevator operation business that is an organic whole. The product covers passenger lift, residential lift, inorganic house elevator, medical ladder of elevator, panorama lift, goods lift, dumbwaiter, car and stereo garage, automatic staircase, automatic footpath. Year electric staircase productivity can amount to 8000 to cover above, it is the base of extensive modern elevator production on the world in elevator industry. Suzhou emperor abstruse the technical advantage that limited company takes the company culture with advanced Germany and synchronism, the modes of life and relation to their environment that be abided by strictly and protects harmonious society, natural, resource is regular, use the heart, genuine, happiness that is promotion mankind with all one's strength the life contributes us all mental efforts. </P><P> What we know what you need is an elevator not merely, more one handsome have a money, the partner with overall competence, abstruse elevator devotes oneself to Suzhou emperor to go up in the foundation of the research and development of ceaseless promotion and engineering capability all the time, offer increasing the series product that can offer an alternative. </P><P> Suzhou emperor abstruse elevator limited company explains quality and safe intention with indefatigable technical innovation. Make with outstanding service and outstanding quality abstruse company becomes Suzhou emperor the business that reliance deserves most again in elevator industry. <BR> Other and relevant position Installation of elevator sale elevator is maintained. . . . . .
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