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Hua Yiye gives birth to glossy ganoderma science and technology to develop netwo
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Company name: Hua Yiye gives birth to glossy ganoderma science and technology to develop place of network sale company to belong to an industry: Daily expense life serves
Company property: The private enterprise is in area: Zhejiang province
Establish date: Register fund: The face is discussed
Legal entity: Company dimensions: Person

Company brief introduction

Hua Yiye gives birth to glossy ganoderma science and technology to develop network sale company is a major be engaged in exploitation the civilian battalion enterprise of feral resource. School of large science and technology of our company and home combines development, production, sale to be the omnibus orgnaization of an organic whole. The company extends glossy ganoderma culture with " , offerring " of high grade product is business purpose; Developed product of glossy ganoderma series, sell as far as to domestic and international. Be evaluated by broad consumer height. The company wishs to be service of all circles friend high gradely with sincere desire, build and maintain good relationship, enter in all hand in hand, development enterprising starts the new industry of healthy line of business jointly. The company is cordial and consecratory, serve quality with “ the first, sincere letter is with the person this, consummate ” brings the client human health, confidence, happy, hope, success and money. At present to develop home market in the round, bold exploration innovates, my company with commercial reputation, the service is consummate for the tenet; Abide by contract, keep good faith; And with quality the first, brand the first, companionate interest the first, idea of company profit second, conspire great undertaking, grow jointly, expand! My company's cordial hope and friend of world each country are entered in all hand in hand, achieve in all brilliant!

Other and relevant position

Classics of market of elite of the sale on assistant net pays attention to division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine plan. . . . . .

The company contacts means

Communication address: Golden China urban district
Zip code: 321000 contacts: Be like a manager
Connect a telephone call: 13017970198 contacts position:  
Fax phone: 0579-83505089 electron mailbox: Office@26job.com
Full name of human affairs manager: Manager of gentleman human affairs connects a telephone call:  
Firm network address: Http://