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Company of golden Hua Zhongjin
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Company name: Place of company of golden Hua Zhongjin belongs to an industry: Other
Company property: The private enterprise is in area: Zhejiang province
Establish date: Register fund: The face is discussed
Legal entity: Company dimensions: Person

Company brief introduction

Company of golden Hua Zhongjin lives in the foreign trade company that things gives priority to with production and sale, basically export the southeast Asia area such as Taiwan of \ of Japanese \ Hong Kong, because business is patulous,show, need to enrol the member that follow sheet, main job: Dog on the spot to the factory product quality and plan, ask to be in charge of seriously to the job, can hard-working, and want can suit to be away on official business for a long time (place bussiness trip is taken in Jiang Zhe give priority to) , stronger communication coordinates ability and group spirit. Do not have a requirement to the foreign language.

Other and relevant position

Only evidence of Wu of boat of the member that foreign trade follows sheet. . . . . .

The company contacts means

Communication address: Golden China people on the west on room of luggage of road car west station wide extremely big mansion one unit 1001 rooms
Zip code: 321000 contacts: Gentleman of the Song Dynasty Miss Zhao
Connect a telephone call: Position of 13566771539 82351608 contact:  
Fax phone: 0579-82351608 electron mailbox: Office@26job.com
Full name of human affairs manager: Manager of gentleman human affairs connects a telephone call:  
Firm network address: Http://