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Big public house of golden Hua Wuxing
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Company name: Place of big public house of golden Hua Wuxing belongs to an industry: Food, tourism
Company property: Place area: Zhejiang province
Establish date: 2001 register fund: The face is discussed
Legal entity: Dimensions of Fang Sanming company: 280 people

Company brief introduction

5 stars big public house is the Jin Hua that by Jin Hua sum of 5 stars village invests this city class restaurant of travel of stage of first 4 stars. <BR>The hotel is located in golden China people on the west road 701, want dichotomy clock only from train west station, car west station, communication is very easy. Hotel gross area is 25 thousand square metre about, the building is 12 tall, have of all kinds guest room 168 (set) , card of hall of hall of the Western-style food in setting, banqueting hall, coffee, various bar, sauna, sufficient bath, chess, gym, hairdressing beautifies hair center of room, bazaar, Internet bar, business affairs reachs room of ball of room of balcony of center, KTV, game, corsac, dart, ping-pong of all kinds, set the business affairs floor with complete form a complete set. It is a collect accommodation, meal, recreation, recreational, fitness, shop, the conference the luxurious hotel at an organic whole, what its invest the function of tall, service of the standards of big, facilities of dimensions is complete, all occupy front row of industry of public house of golden China town at present. <BR>“ sincerity, all the time ” is a hotel forever service tenet, add the facilities facilities that finishs equipment, specializationed management and well-trained employee, 5 stars big public house is sure to become one of golden China city's finest public houses. <BR>5 stars big public house welcomes you! <BR>

Other and relevant position

Total stage recieves clerk of floor clerk meal eat Wu entrusts PA technology jockey article of center of Wu of room of the member that ensure public security manager of client of the member that machine of industry of electrical engineering water writes article of center of industrial and commercial Wu is big assistant manager. . . . . .

The company contacts means

Communication address: Golden China people on the west road 701
Zip code: 321000 contacts: Miss Chen
Connect a telephone call: 82426526 contacts position: Ministry of human affairs resource is in charge of
Fax phone: 82426677 electrons mailbox: Wuxinghotel@163.com
Full name of human affairs manager: Manager of teach gentleman human affairs connects a telephone call: 82426758
Firm network address: Http://