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Zhejiang gold Hua Xueqiu is industrial limited company
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Company name: Place of industrial limited company belongs to Zhejiang gold Hua Xueqiu industry: Hardware mineral products, metal
Company property: The private enterprise is in area: Zhejiang province
Establish date: 1995-10-07 registers fund: The face is discussed
Legal entity: Dimensions of Lv Jinmei company: 200 people

Company brief introduction

Found in October 1995, have stuff more than 200 people. Among them project technology personnel 9 people, administrator 10 people, annual produce amounts to a yuan. The company covers an area of a face to accumulate 40626 square metre, be located in edge of 330 nations line, inside city of industry of Qiu Bin of —— of industrial district of golden China key, traffic is convenient, for extroversion enterprise, have self-supporting exit right, it is the private enterprise that trade of a labour joins.
Company production product has dynamoelectric tool, measure tool, gardens tool 3 old series, more than 40 breed. The product is sold entirely toward the international market, basically sell wait for more than 20 countries and area toward state-owned Germany, Holand, polish, Belgian, Italy, United States, Japan, middle east.

Other and relevant position

Management of workshop of foreign trade clerk is qualitative check. . . . . .

The company contacts means

Communication address: Shuang Jinjie of city of industry of golden Hua Qiubin 3
Zip code: 321016 contacts: Lv Jinmei
Connect a telephone call: 13905791659 contacts position:  
Fax phone: 0579-82271403 electron mailbox: Snowball@mail.jhptt.zj.cn
Full name of human affairs manager: Manager of gentleman human affairs connects a telephone call:  
Firm network address: Http://