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Fine hospital manages Nanjing luck limited company
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Company name: Place of limited company of fine hospital management belongs to Nanjing luck industry: Medical treatment, wholesome career
Company property: The private enterprise is in area: Zhejiang province
Establish date: Register fund: The face is discussed
Legal entity: Company dimensions: Person

Company brief introduction

Fine hospital manages Nanjing luck limited company.

Other and relevant position

Apothecary (person) the nurse guides cure doctor sale. . . . . .

The company contacts means

Communication address: Road of general of golden China city 120
Zip code: 321000 contacts: Week gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 13566999154 contacts position:  
Fax phone: 13566999154 electrons mailbox: Zhoulin_1980@126.com
Full name of human affairs manager: Manager of gentleman human affairs connects a telephone call:  
Firm network address: Http://